We have Walls!

Is this a good thing?  As a building? Yes. As a church? Possibly.  Read on.

So Rebecca and  I took Holly Bear for a ride today and what to our wondering eyes should appear but a wonderful change at the construction site.  We have wall framing up and you can really start to see the layout and how the flow that has been designed will work. The thing that struck me was that the building looks so small. But looks can be  deceiving.  The building looks small until you get right up to it and realize that the walls are FOURTEEN FEET TALL. (you can see my smiling face in one of the pictures for scale). It really is shaping up nicely. 

But it got me thinking.  (Don't most things?).  What is the purpose of walls?  You can hang stuff on them, you can bounce things off them, you can put a message on them or, my favorite, bang your head against them. However, there are two main purposes that I can think of.  The first is to separate one area from another and the second would be to support and hold up what is going to be built upon them.  As a church we need to be careful with what type wall we build and how we "build" our walls. We need to be building walls (structure) that support our ministries and  help us to build upon the faith (foundation) we have in God by following the scriptures, keeping true to our vision and by being involved in our community, a life lived in Grace.  BUT at the same time we need to be very aware of building walls that keep us from God and keep us from the least, the lost and the lonely. Walls that separate us.  It becomes very easy and very comforting to find security from the "bad weather", the turbulent times and unpleasant landscapes when you can hide yourself behind a wall.  We build walled in comfort zones without even realizing it at times. We as a church need to not only NOT build these type of walls but we need to be at the forefront of tearing them down.   Let nothing come in our way to separate us from our mission and our relationship with God.

It is my prayer that we become known as that "New church built without walls". 

Prayer request for the day: Pray that we may always be open and unconstrained by the walls we build

Prayer quote for the day:  Prayer is a strong wall and fortress of the church; it is a goodly Christian weapon. - Martin Luther (Same as last week and fits just as well)

Until next time.  Peace!