What a Difference a Week makes

Well, actually two weeks. It's been two weeks since the last update and quite a bit has happened.  The foundation has been backfilled, the crawlspace floor has been poured, steel has been placed and lumber has been delivered. The steel structure over where the altar will reside has been raised.  What could be called the building's next growth spurt

I was blessed to be the one asked to deliver the message this past Sunday and I talked a little about how we have arrived where we are today.  As I walked around the site last night, I was humbled and thankful.  All I could do was lift up my heart in praise to God for bringing us together to make a little place where we can gather to Listen for His voice and share the gospel. 

Until we meet again, enjoy these pictures

Prayer request for the day: Pray that we may be an example for the community.

Prayer quote for the day:  Prayer is a strong wall and fortress of the church; it is a goodly Christian weapon. - Martin Luther