Our church has had a combined Christian presence on the North Fork of over 400 years.

We are Better Together.

Meet the Pastor - Pastor Tom MacLeod is a dynamic minister who brings his love and enthusiasm for the gospel of Jesus Christ to his sermons. Pastor Tom’s warm personality, genuine caring and playful spirit enable him to easily connect with people of all ages.



Why our  churches have merged - When the churches were first planted on the North Fork over 150 years ago, the mode of transportation was either by horse and buggy or by foot. To assure that the journey would not be too much of an undertaking, many churches were placed approximately 5 miles apart from each other. This was also during the time when the Methodist Episcopal Church movement was sweeping the country and approximately 20% of the post revolutionary population claimed affiliation with an ME Church.

Over the years, family sizes decreased, resulting in fewer people attending church.  After a time of visioning and prayer, in May 2014, the leadership made the decision to merge the two congregations (Cutchogue and Southold). In May of 2015, after much prayer and meditation, the newly formed congregation and the Greenport congregation merged.  In May of 2016, Orient UMC merged with the NFUMC to form the Body of Christ we are today.  Our goal is to build a newer and more centrally located facility to meet the needs of  today. Originally four separate churches, the joining of the congregations has strengthened the Methodist community within the North Fork.

As a result of the merger, we have experienced an overall increase in all of the areas of church participation. This has led us to become more efficient at meeting the needs of the congregation, the community that we live in, as well as the world that surrounds us, for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.