Front and Center

In my last post I forgot to mention that we had a reporter from the Suffolk Times with us at the ground breaking taking pictures and notes.  I have been diligently checking the Suffolk Times' website looking for an article or even just a small mention of NFUMC's ground breaking.  This morning, I started to get people calling me at work and mentioning that they saw me and "my church" in the local paper.  That's one of the unique things about living on the North Fork.  Love it or Hate it, EVERYONE knows what is happening around town.

I forgot to stop and pick up a paper on my way home so while I was cooking dinner I asked Amy to pick one up along with the other "stuff" I forgot.  She got home from the store without the paper also.  Last chance, texted Rebecca to pick one up.  15 minutes later, we get a text from her, "WE'RE ON THE FRONT PAGE!!".  I was waiting for that to be followed by "April Fools".  Not this time. WE'RE ON THE FRONT PAGE!  Our thanks go out to Rachel Siford from the Suffolk Times for the wonderful article that she wrote.  Pick up a copy.

Prayer request for the day: Prayers of Thanksgiving for the wonderful article telling the community the good news.

Prayer quote for the day: Prayer is simply a two-way conversation between you and God. - Billy Graham