Hi Handsome!

Well, this is where I find out who is reading this blog. 

I said I was going to stop by the site on Tuesday morning to try to get some pictures. So I decided to take my dog for an early morning ride  and actually attempted to try to photograph the construction site, but unfortunately the sun was coming up and directly in my eyes.  Determined to at least try, I proceeded to point my camera into the direction of the sun and clicked away and in the process pretty much temporarily blinded myself. Not a smart move, I know.....  Upon finishing this task, I heard a voice behind me exclaim,  "Hi, Handsome."  Apparently, the salinity level of my blood must have been right on target that morning, which would attest to the fact that all the synapses in my brain fired at the right time and in the right sequence thus causing me to investigate the source of this voice before replying a customary, “Well Good Morning to you, Gorgeous.”  After my pupils returned to their normal state, I gazed upon the possessor of this voice and much to my chagrin came to the conclusion that “Handsome” was being directed to the well coiffured golden maned lady hanging out of the rear window of my car.  Swallowing  my ego, but with a sense of pride, this lowly chauffeur made his way to correct the gender mistake made by this young lass and introduce her to the one and only Holly Bear and at the same time I was able to tell her why we were there and what was going on at NFUMC.  After parting ways, and settling into the driver's seat I checked the results of my attempt at morning photography and realized that not a single picture had come out.  "Well, at least I had a nice morning ride and was able tell someone a little bit about Jesus' work here at North Fork." Hmmmm....maybe, just maybe the reason I was there wasn't to take pictures.   Who'd a thunk it?  THANKS GOD!

Anyway, I can report that there was a big hole in the ground and with the rain, torrential at times, that we got yesterday, I actually expected to find out that the architects included an in-ground basement swimming pool in the plans.  But alas, as you will see from the pictures below, everything was looking good this evening.  On that note, if anyone has any pictures or information they would like me to add or share, you can email me at rrogers5@optonline.net

Prayer request for the day: Pray that we each may recognize the opportunity to share Christ when it is presented to us.

Prayer quote for the day:  "Prayer gives a man the opportunity of getting to know a gentleman he hardly ever meets. I do not mean his maker, but himself." - William Ralph Inge