The Journey Begins

This is the official NFUMC blog on what's happening with the "New" building.  This is the place to come to to get the latest news and construction updates.  We will post pictures when we get them and may even have an inspirational message or two. Check back here often as we will try to keep the updates coming.  Please leave comments and questions in the comment section and we will try to answer them as best as we can, if we can.

The vote has passed

On March 17th, The North Fork United Methodist Church held a special charge conference to vote on the budget and choice of contractor for the construction of a new church building at the corner of Route 48 and Horton's lane in Southold.  With 23 people in attendance the vote was a unanimous Yea.  Praise God!!

From the outset, the North Fork UMC, knew that we would be moving into or building a new "Home" that would fit the needs of our members and the community we are called to serve.  A place that would be accessible and centrally located on the North Fork of Long Island, a center for our satellite ministry locations. The Trustees and Pastor Tom prayed, gathered together, prayed, developed a plan, prayed, made calls, prayed, met with architects, prayed, met with the Town Zoning board, prayed, met with the Town Planning Board, prayed,......Well, you get the idea.  Three and a half years later, here we are. 

Did I mention prayer?  This process began with prayer and we do not make a move or decision before we ask the Holy Spirit to be with us and guide us in all we do.  We continue to pray everyday for guidance in what we do and for all road blocks to be removed from our path.  If you drive by the construction site, you just may see someone in their car or walking the site praying.  We ask everyone who may be reading this to take time right now and pray for this endeavor and add us to your prayer list. Prayer Warriors are welcome.

 Since prayer is such a large part of what is happening, I'll try to add a quote about prayer that I find helpful, intriguing, thought provoking or just humorous to each post.  Here is today's:

"When you pray to God regularly, IRREGULAR things will happen on a REGULAR basis." - Mark Batterson, Draw the Circle.

Now for what you really want to know:

Building Update - The contractor has been selected. The site has been partially cleared and we are now awaiting our building permits.