We're Rockin

I stopped by the site last night and the rockers and tapers are having a field day. The Sheetrock inside looks to be done. Spackling, taping, sanding and priming is in progress and all I can say is WOW. I can’t wait to see it all in the light and get some pictures to share with everyone. Coming soon.

I don’t know about you but I’ve been hearing a lot of “scuttlebutt” around town about the new building and 99.9% of it has been positive. People around town are getting excited and questions are being asked. Are you ready to answer them? As I stood in the middle of the new sanctuary last night taking in the enormity of what is happening on the North Fork, I said a little prayer of Thanksgiving to God. Then taking to heart what we have been talking a lot about lately, the fact that this is a listening place, I stopped and listened for God and heard SILENCE. (Not for the first time I might add).

I knew that God was telling me something in that silence. I was missing something. So I walked the rest of the building and was amazed. As I walked into the fellowship hall, the kitchen, the class rooms and finally the gathering space, the same thought kept on coming back into my mind. WOW, THANK YOU GOD! This is going to make an impact on what we can do!

Walking back into the sanctuary, I said a final prayer thanking God for the silence and the time to open my eyes so I could hear Him (If you can’t wrap your mind around that statement, check out the “God Speaks” sermon).

After walking the building, seeing what we have and reflecting on the “scuttlebutt”, God’s voice came through loud and clear…….

“Alright, I got their attention……What are WE going to do with it?”

Brothers and Sisters, What are we going to do when this building is ready? Are we going to move inside and keep this Amazing gift of God’s grace to ourselves? Or are we prepared to throw open the doors and invite the seekers, the lost, the lonely, and those who have yet to hear about Our Savior, in to experience the wonder and love that God Has for ALL His children. God has gotten their attention, it is now up to us to invite them in to meet their Savior.

When the building is done, the work has just begun